Lidror Ltd. – gives a wide spectrum of solutions to daily tasks and problems, all based on embedded biometric products.

The simplicity yet sophistication of the products make them extremely user friendly and perfectly adaptive to our daily routines.


The leading product is the Biopark The Biometric parking solution which stops forgery and abuse of disabled parking permits. The Biopark received the Intertraffic innovation award for the year 2010.

Among the array of products is the Car sensor, the smart home window controller, the elevator biometric devices. All products are Biometric technology based –fingerprint identification.


Focusing on the need for easy, portable and user friendly products, Lidror has developed its technology to serve these purposes, by having the software embedded in the device. 

Easy mobility, secure data kept in the device and multi applicable uses, are the main advantages and added value.


Our market is global and we maintain customer relationships worldwide.

New!! Lidror Smart Tag
Introducing our latest development.
The brand new Lidror Smart Tag.
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R&D Update
Other systems for identified parking solutions by Lidror are being developed
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Category Winner Intertraffic Innovation Award 2010
BIOPARK is the Parking Category WINNER of the Intertraffic Innovation Award 2010
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